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  Dear Sir/Madam,

  My name is Liu Ying and I will graduate from Xi’an University in the year of 2010. My major is secretary in English department.

  It’s my great pleasure to have this opportunity to improve our mutual understanding. During the three –year college study,I tried my best to learn all kinds of knowledge,and weigh the hard work of my teachers and myself; I have mastered English listening,speaking,writing and reading skills.

  Moreover,I have a good command of Business English and the basic theory,public relationship of secretary. Meanwhile, in order to enlarge my knowledge, I always read some newspapers and magazines about business and trade, and I used to do some representative of business in my spare time. At the same time, I learnt computer skills during my summer vacation,and now I’m familiar with Office 2000. It is my three –year college life that makes me form my life attitude. Also my three-year college life that makes me rich in knowledge,and it’s also my three-year college life that makes me form my life attitude. Honesty, Trust, Diligence is principle of how to be a man.

  As a college graduate,I believe “where there is a will, there is a way”, and I will try my best to do a good job in my business. So I sincerely hope that I can make a position in your company so that I can serve for the company in the future.

  Yours faithfully,



  你校英语外籍教师 emesto and stasi 暑假期间准备在本地开一家西餐小店,要找若干名高中生为无酬打工人员。下面是招聘启事: wanted4 middle school studentsdo service work and act as translators healthy and helpful 假定你叫李华,愿意应聘。请写封电子邮件,介绍自己,并说明你愿意应聘的理由。 词数110左右。开头已写好,不计入总词数。

  dear emesto and stasi,

  i happened to have read your advertisement and decide to apply for the job.

  yours sincerely,

  li hua


  i happened to have read your advertisement and have decided to apply for the job.the following is my self-introduction.by acting as a translator for you, unpaid as it is, not only will it eich mylife, but also be of great benefit to me in the long run. apart from gaining theopportunity to practise my spoken english, i can accumulate some valuable jobexperience.i’d appreciate it if you could take my application into consideration. lookingforward to your early reply!yours


  li hua


  Dear Sir/Madam:

  Your advertisement for a Network Maintenance Engineer in the April 10 Student Daily interested me because the position that you described sounds exactly like the kind of job I am seeking.

  According to the advertisement, your position requires top university, Bachelor or above in Computer Science or equivalent field and proficient in Windows NT4.0 and LINUX System. I feel that I am competent to meet the requirements. I will be graduating from Graduate School of Tsinghua University this year with a M.S. degree. My studies have included courses in computer control and management and I designed a control simulation system developed with Microsoft Visual InterDev and SQL Server.

  During my education, I have grasped the principals of my major and skills of practice. Not only have I passed CET-6, but more important I can communicate with others freely in English. My ability to write and speak English is out of question.

  I would appreciate your time in reviewing my enclosed resume and if there is any additional information you require, please contact me. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.

  With many thanks,








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